When we operate strategically

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The importance of technology

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Why should employee skills be developed

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About Essam Binzghayo

Mr. Binzghayo is a highly experienced, results-oriented, business leader, skilled enterprise architect, and published thought leader. He has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals in achieving mission critical results in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments. His broad professional background and excellent education provides a solid foundation to his ability in solving challenging business problems with innovative enterprise solutions that leverage and align IT capabilities with evolving business needs.

Mr. Binzghayo loves his work and the place where he is, also he never stop reading about the technologies and always he develops his skills, knowledge, and certificates; Mr Binzghayo has achieved very advanced certificates from different Technology Leaders across the world (such as Microsoft and IBM); and he recognised as Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) in both Database Administration and Technology Development. Currently, Mr. Binzghayo considered as The Open Group Certified Architect & Projects Manager (PRINCE2) ,from British Brands such as AXELOS and APMG, and now he is preparing his self to achieve TOGAF Certified Master then Distinguished.

Mr. Binzghayo works mainly all the time in front of the computer to develop and preparing consultancies, applications or to communicate with his widely distributed team, so if you want to contact him just use his "Contact Information" at the top-right corner and don't worry, he will have a time to respond.

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Kuwait Educational Portal, Ministry of Education

Description: The Ministry of Education intends to have an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) platform that is built and designed on solid foundation Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The new LMS meets MOE requirements and needs and fulfill to build a national MOE LMS that serves all the targeted stakeholders such as Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrators, and School Staff. The LMS is based on the international state-of-the-art solution from Learning Possibilities LP+ platform

DotNet Systems Generator

Description: Simple application that generates entire computer software, you just need to specify the database location only, the system output is either completed windows Desktop solution or ASP.Net Website as user wants.

General Workflows System

Description: Global Workflows System (GWS) is a scalable solution for individual departments or for the enterprise. GWS can create any type of business communication including letters, policies, contracts, notifications, quotes and more. GWS supports dynamic / Real-Time creation and printing of documents, High-Volume production of documents, and can be delivered by print, fax, email and web.

Small Enterprises Resources Planning ERP

Description: ERP Tracks all financial activities such as sales, marketing and payments, human resources, workflows to drive business productivity.


  • Business Certificates:
    • Master of Information Systems, State of Arizona, United States
    • Certified Strategic Planning and Management Expert(333-884-KU)
    • Certified Operational Management and Planning Expert(333-912-KU)
    • Certified Business Management Expert (453-663-KU)
    • The Open Group Certified Enterprise Architect (TOGAF 9)
    • PRINCE2 Certificate (Project Management)
    • ISO 9001, 2009
    • COBIT5 – Pursuing
    • ITIL V3 (Foundation) – Pursuing
  • Technology Certificates:
    • Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional - SQL Server Administration (MCITP)
    • Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional - SQL Server Developer (MCITP)
    • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
    • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
    • IBM FileNet Certified Professional, FCP Content Manager-Developer 4.0
    • ORACLE PL/SQL Training Center
    • ORACLE Developer Forms , Reports TRAINING CENTER
    • Documentation System CDS ? ISIS

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